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Welcome to Thormatec Ltd web hosting solutions !

About Us

Whether you want a personal website of a few pages to host your cv or a full blown e-commerce site for your business then we can cater for you.

We keep prices low by only supplying you with the hosting features that you specifically ask for. Thereís no point in paying for a database when you are never going to use one !

Having said that we do provide a lot of features as standard such as scripting and web-based email to enhance any site !

Donít Worry

We understand that designing and hosting a website for the first time can be a bit daunting so we can provide one to one help even before you sign up for a package.

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Web hosting Explained

In a nutshell web hosting typically provides you with a web address (e.g yourname.co.uk) called a domain name which allows users to find you just by typing your name into their browser. And also provides storage space for your web pages. As well as that we also offer unlimited email addresses to go with your domain (e.g john.smith@yourname.co.uk) so that your site visitors have a professional way of contacting you.